Why Use Network-Today.com?

Our mission at Network-Today.com is to be the premier centralized resource for all career and networking opportunities in your local area. You could say we are the conduit to discover what your local community has to offer. We are creative in how we market businesses and organizations on our site to increase the public "awareness." We aim to create high exposure for your company for less dollars spent.

What Do I Have to Gain by Using Network-Today.com?

Practical knowledge from down to earth people. We are not just a place to advertise jobs and company information; we are all about working with all of our members and helping to add to their digital presence

How Does Network-Today.com Operate?

Our focus is based on staying current with information pertaining to the career and business arena. We do this by a "discovery process," We are focused on learning about each community and researching businesses that are a part. We are a internet based business that also builds human interaction and trust.

Network-Today.com's main purpose is to centrally channel all things related to personal, professional and business networking in your local community into one central location. We stay up to date with events and trends in the market allowing companies who use Network-Today.com can continue to build strong positive public awareness.

How Will Network-Today.com Connect Organizations and Businesses to the Local Public?

Network-Today.com's goal is to introduce organizations and businesses to the groups of people who use Network-Today.com for job hunting and business networking.  We do this with our newsletters, social media, SEO, networking at community events, the website and traditional forms of networking.

How Will the Public Know the Validity of the Organizations and Business Posted Through Network-Today.com?

Network-Today.com verifies all information submitted by companies to make sure it is authentic. Network-Today.com verifies all information before any information is published. The service or business listing needs to be transparent so the site visitor knows who the business really is.

How can the Registered Organizations be Contacted by the Public?

Each company on our site has a dedicated page where they can upload background information, links to social media accounts, website information, and any other contact information they may have.

How do I get started?

Visit the Getting Started page for more details.