Getting Started

First you need to register for an account.  Once you do that here's what you do next:



  1. Once you register you will get two emails, one acknowledging your registration and then the second with instructions for logging in and updating your account.
  2. The first time you login will be with the link provided in the email which is also when you set your password.  After that you Log in using the “Login” menu option.  

    Note: if you are on the corporate site (  click “Locations” on the top part of your screen (Should be under the word Corporate on the top part of the site) Then when you see your location you signed up for click it.

  3. In front of you now should be your “View” of basic information you registered with us.  Unless anything is changed do nothing.  Otherwise click “Edit” and make any necessary changes.

    Depending on the type of membership you registered for you will get a link on the right to “Add” information under “Member Options”.  Click that option.

  4. Fill out your Business, Non-profit,  Career Service or Network Group Information and when completed hit “Save” & you are LIVE!  Don’t forget to upload a Logo & Video if you have them!

Adding a Job

To “Add a job” is even simpler.  Log-in and under “Members Options” on the right side, find “Add a Job” click & fill out the “Create Jobs” form. When done hit “Save” & your job is LIVE.


Welcome aboard!

The Network-Today Team